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ME: Where did you learn to play the trumpet ?

I spent 4 years in an orphanage where I got the opportunity to learn different instruments.

ME: What inspired you to play trumpet ?

The powerful sound.

ME: How long are you playing the trumpet ?

30 years, but the clarinet was my first instrument.

ME: How did you come to Germany in the first place ?

First I must let you know that I was living on the Island of Barbados for 7 years. So in that time I met a lot of musicians, some of the guys got and offered to come to Germany to play; so one year after they were here in Germany. They decided they wanted to add some horns to the band, that's the reason why I am here.

ME: So what kind of music do you like most ?

I like all kind of music, as long as it sounds good to my ears; I enjoy playing Love songs, Pop songs, Reggae, Calypso, Jazz and Hip Hop. I can go on and on.

ME: What do you think about the music, that you are hearing ever day on the radio ?

Well, a lot of the stuff that comes on the radio I do not like it much; but I do not have any problems listening sometimes. I enjoy playing music for people who love to listen to music also.

ME: What kind of music do you compose and play ?

Caribbean Jazz.

ME: What is that ?

Just a mixture of Rhythm with Jazz. The Reggae beat is a very nice beat, you can really do a lot of things with it.

ME: What do you think about the musicians here ?

Oh, they are real nice musicians here. I just find they should do a bit more writing, but the vibes here are good for me.

ME: Where will you like to take your music ?

Well, first I would like more people to hear what I'm doing, then that will help me decide where I want to take it. Maybe far away from Germany if the people are not ready for it; just joking.

ME: Do you think you have more opportunities here in Germany with your music ?

Not really, I believe where ever you are has a lot to do with connections. There is a radio sender in Berlin, which likes my music; they are playing my songs in their program off and on.

ME: So how did you meet your musicians ?

With each musician it was very different. For example Thomas, the keyboard player. He told me that he heard my music while sitting in a restaurant and he asked about it, found out where I were playing. At that time I was looking for a keyboard player. And that's how we met. Some passed by, they loved the program and we came together. I really enjoy playing with the guys and being around them. It's very important to create a comfortable feeling around people and give them a space for their creativity. In that way your chances are very high in keeping the people together, just show respect and care.

ME: Do you share your knowledge of trumpet playing with anyone else ?

Yes, I'm responsible for a couple of grownups and kids playing the trumpet today and I'm very proud of that.

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